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Best Easter Basket Stuffers for Dogs

Best Easter Basket Stuffers for Dogs

Hoppy Easter, doggy friends!

While chocolate and sugary candy is a no-no for pets, luckily there are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate Easter with your dog.

A great way to make your pup’s tail wag?

Gifting them their very own Easter basket, of course!

Here at Petting Bliss, our canine connoisseurs have selected the best toys, treats, and tools guaranteed to bring a big bunny smile to every puppy’s face. Let’s hop to it.

Tug-of-Floor Dog Toy

First up, this suction cup tug toy from Rover is a must-have. Not only does it relieve boredom and anxiety (a win for high-energy breeds) but it’s also got nifty hollow compartments inside the ball that are perfect for hiding treats or kibbles.

Who said Easter goodies were only for human kids?

Dog Car Seat Cover

Next, let’s be honest…

Spring is muddy season! April showers may bring May flowers. But all that rain also means dirty pawprints everywhere. Unless you’ve cleverly purchased a dog seat car cover, that is. Protect your vehicle from dog hair, scratches, drool, and mud with this easy to clean, non-slip, water-resistant fabric.

Pet Grooming Tool

Now, how about some spring cleaning?

And no, we’re not talking about the house…but your dog. This conveniently sized rechargeable battery-powered buzzer keeps Fluffy looking fabulous, just in time for his pet store photoshoot with the Easter Bunny. Cute! 

Dog Puzzle Toy

Some people make it a tradition to do an Easter egg hunt with their fur babies.

But be careful; plastic eggs are a choking hazard. Instead, try this bestselling interactive dog puzzle toy. Puppies and dogs will still have to sniff where the bite-sized servings of food are located, using their brain to figure out which puzzle piece to paw at.

All the paw-some fun, zero danger.

Pet Training Bells

Speaking of mental stimulation, no dog Easter basket is complete with a training tool. These brightly colored bells are excellent for potty training and communicating with your pooch. Simply place the bell by the door – and voila!

The pleasant “ding” alerts pet parents to their dog’s needs.

Franklin the Frog Squeaky Toy

Finally, both rabbits and froggies hop, hop, hop. So, add this adorable plush green frog toy to Fido’s Easter basket. Made from high-quality material, it can withstand moderate chewing and rough playtime.

A new favorite, for sure.

Wishing Your Fur Family a Happy Easter!

From all of us here at Petting Bliss, we say welcome spring and Happy Easter! 

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