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A Poem for Billy

A Poem for Billy





Billy, you are abandoned no more,
As now you have a family who will love and adore.
From out of the dumps to the bottom of our hearts,
We knew you were ours from the very start.

The dumpster you were found in, nearly took your life,
What kind of person would cause you such strife?
Who could leave you in such a horrible place?
Since we fell in love with you, the instant we saw your face.

Our love may have found you, but your love rescued us.
So intelligent and brave, every day with you has been a plus.
You seem to know our thoughts, you read our minds,
Though you are part of our family, you are one-of-a-kind.

The happiness you spread to us each day,
Can no longer be taken away.
Our hearts forever you have touched,
Happy Valentine’s Day Billy, we love you so much.






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