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Cat Adoption is the Purrfect Solution to the Homeless Cat Crisis

Cat Adoption is the Purrfect Solution to the Homeless Cat Crisis

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Cat Adoption is the Purrfect Solution to the Homeless Cat Crisis

How to know if a home has a cat?

Well, there are the obvious signs. The sound of purring and meowing. A paw batting at your leg for attention. And of course, all the kitty cuddles!

Yes, millions of people all over the world love cats. In fact, cats are the second most popular pet globally (right after dogs). According to statistics, 1 in 4 of households in the United States owns a cat.

However, not all of our feline friends are so lucky…

Fortunately, Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is working hard to solve the homeless cat crisis. From offering low-cost spay/neuter services and providing free resources and rehoming support, CAT is there for our most vulnerable furry family members.   

Today on Petting Bliss, we “team up” with Cat Adoption Team!

Let’s learn about their “paw-some” efforts to fix the stray cat crisis.

What the Numbers Tell Us About Homeless Cats

Unfortunately, many people do not realize how much trouble cats are in. The sad truth is cats make up the biggest population of homeless animals. It’s estimated that there are currently 73 million cats in the US who are feral or unowned. In animal shelters, the ASPCA has data showing that 3.2 million cats enter the system nationwide.

Every. Single. Year.

These are eyewatering numbers.

As the largest cat shelter in the Pacific Northwest, Cat Adoption Team knows firsthand how many cats have no homes. Perhaps they were born feral kittens. Or abandoned by their human family. Either way, it’s very common to spot stray cats wandering the streets. It’s a dangerous life. Unhoused cats are at a heightened risk for injury and illness.

Therefore, one excellent way to help end the rampant homeless cat epidemic is to get adoptable cats off the streets and into loving homes – which is exactly what Cat Adoption Team does best!

So far, CAT has helped close to 60,000 cats get adopted.

Adopt a Cat, Save a Life

In their own words, CAT explains:

“Each adoption, donation, and other interaction with you and fellow cat lovers brings us closer to fulfilling our mission to save the lives of homeless cats and to work with our community to provide feline expertise and quality programs and services for people and cats.”

The impact of this goal cannot be understated. Adoption saves lives!

Thinking about adopting a cat yourself?

Click here to see Cats and Kittens Available for Adoption through CAT.

Cat Hero Highlight

Finding fur-ever homes for cats isn’t easy.

Luckily, there are plenty of compassionate folks who are dedicated to this big task. At CAT, this includes the whole management team, board of directors, and plenty of volunteers. There is even a thrift store and retail manager (hi, Bobbie!) who oversees sales that directly support the Cat Adoption Team.

For more information about this wonderful organization, visit:



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