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Looking for a New BFF? Adopt a Pet

Looking for a New BFF? Adopt a Pet

Looking for a New BFF? Adopt a Pet

Adopt a pet

Are you looking for a new BFF?

If the idea of having a buddy to hang out with makes you smile, considered adopting a best friend…one who has four legs!

Here at Petting Bliss, we proudly call ourselves “dog moms” and “dog dads.” And when asked, I’m not afraid to admit that Luna (my Great Dane mix) is among my closest circle of friends. I know Billy’s family feels the same. After all, there is a reason why dogs are referred to as man’s best friend.

So today on the blog, let’s explore why adopted cats, dogs, and other pets make the greatest BFFs.

Who knows?

Your own best friend could be waiting for you at an animal shelter right this very moment!

Why Adopted Pets Make the Best Fur Friends

There are plenty of reasons why adopted pets are paw-some BFFs. Below, we look at the top three.

  1. Great Company

Firstly, when you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue, you are bringing home an animal who has likely endured a lack of both mental and physical attention. Shelter cats are often timid. Dogs can have lots of pent-up energy.

Yet when they get adopted, their personality shines!

Adopted pets thrive on human interaction. It might take some time to coax them out of their shell, but once you do, you’ll have the best company anyone could ask for.

  1. Unconditional Love

Secondly, adopted pets make fabulous BFFs thanks to their unconditional love. Just like a human best friend, they will love you for YOU. How you look, the clothes you wear, the size of the house you live in…none of it matters to an adopted animal.

They will offer endless love, no strings attached.

  1. Loyal

Third, loyalty is a key aspect of being a BFF.

Because of their pack-oriented nature, dogs develop strong bonds with family members. Likewise, cats might be a little more standoffish, but they are deeply attached to their owners and will show their affection and loyalty by snuggling, purring, playing, and staying close by. 

Even birds and reptiles learn to recognize and are “loyal” to their family members.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, adopted pets make incredible fur-ever friends. They are great company, full of love, and will loyally stay by your side no matter what. Considering adopting your new BFF today!

Want to learn how Billy changed our lives?

Check out The Story of Billy.



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